I Remember When I was in Mommy’s Tummy

I Remember When I was in Mommy’s Tummy
Akira Ikegawa
Futami Shobo Publishing Co., Ltd
Book Description: 


"This book was written based on a survey conducted on mothers with children of ages 1 to 6 years old concerning children's memories when they were in the uterus and and at the time they were born ... It showed that 41% of the children who answered the questionnaire said that they remembered the time when they were born, and 53% of the children said that they remembered being in the uterus."

The stories told by these children were often times corroborated by the mothers whose comments would verify the events that the child was iterating. There is a sweetness and innocence to the stories that helps us to understand the importance of the birth experience. The layout and illustrations of this book are charming and it is a book that can be enjoyed by both children and adults alike.

Author Biography: 

Dr. Akira Ikegawa is a obstetrician and researcher from Tokyo Japan. After working in obstetrics and gynecology at the Ageo Central General Hospital as the head director, he established the Ikegawa Clinic in Yokohama in 1989. In September 2000, he reported about "fetal Memories" at the Jint Medical Seminar of the Japanese medical and Dental Practitioner for Improvement of Medical Care., and this report was introduced in newspapers. Today, Dr. Ikegawa hopes to help people lead meaningful lives through childbirth. His research conveys his warmth and humor and his deep commitment to making the birth process one that will help the baby become a complete and happy person.

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