Long Lever Techniques: An Osteopathic Manual

Long Lever Techniques: An Osteopathic Manual
Bobby Nourani, DO, FAAO
Richard Huff, DO
Book Description: 

This Manuscript introduces an osteopathic manual medicine treatment approach not yet documented in the prevailing literature. In this book, Nourani, demonstrates, in a precise and efficient manner, the use of the Long Lever Technique and its relationship to traditional osteopathy. He shows how this approach can help to alleviate the suffering of patients in a non-invasive modality that usually offers long term relief from pain.

The illustrations and photos are beautifully presented and the overlays of anatomical details on the patients body makes the techniques understandable and easy to follow. All of the diagnosis and treatment protocols are clearly defined in terms that are understandable for practitioners from outside of the osteopathic discipline, thus making this a book that is desirable to anyone in the manual therapies.

This book comes from years of clinical practice and teaching and Nourani has the ability to synthesize and explain concepts that, were it not for his experience, could be difficult to understand. We applaud the efforts that went into making this book and hope to see it become a standard in the osteopathic literature. We highly recommend you read the reviews at the bottom of the page to see what other practitioners are saying about this book and the work contained therein.

Author Biography: 

Richard Huff, DO (1943 - 2019) synthesized the Long Lever Technique concept as a fusion of A.T. Still's and W.G. Sutherlands's principles for effective and time efficient treatment. Dr. Huff was an avid learner, well-respected clinician, an invaluable instructor of manual medicine. He was a devoted leader in the osteopathic community and founded the Neuromusculoskeletal Medicine residency program in West Michigan. The osteopathic legacy of Richard Huff, DO is presented in this manual.

Bobby Nourani, DO, FAAO is an expert in the area of integrative musculoskeletal pain medicine. His clinical, academic and research contributions support the use of treatment approaches that are well received by patients and peers alike. His past positions include the Director of Osteopathic Education and Curriculum at the University of Wisconsin, and Medical Director of the Inpatient Integrative Health Consult Service at the University of California, Irvine. He advanced and expanded the Long Lever Techniques as taught by his mentor, D. Huff, and utilizes them in his teaching and Practice.


The Long Lever Technique does not focus on just one part of the body, but on how we can mobilize distant interconnected structures to positively restore the body to better health and function. The information is taught in a way that physicians and other body workers can learn to put into practice immediately.
If you are interested in learning how to incorporate osteopathic skills in a busy primary care practice to improve the health of your patients, this book and the technique it describes is a great place to start. 
David Rakel MD

... one of my outstanding teachers stressed that we should “learn the principles and get them to work for you.” The Long Lever Technique is, for me, an illustration of that truth.
Ed Stiles, DO, FAAO, Dist.

The Long Lever Technique is a unique blend of principles that were developed by generations of osteopathic pioneers. With a strong basis in anatomy and physics and an understanding of functional physiology (including the primary respiratory mechanism), this technique offers something of value to any of the osteopathic approaches you typically use in your practice.
Rachel Brooks, MD

A well organized, efficient, and easy to apply treatment that is practical for students, residents, and physicians of all levels.
Michael A. Seffinger, DO

This is a practical and well-illustrated manual that guides the practitioner through all aspects of applying this technique. I use long lever for exaggeration of the lesion in an indirect approach. Now, after reviewing this book I intend to try this more direct method as well.
Eliott Blackman, DO

Long Lever Technique is a beautiful melding of structure and function and uses the principles of applied anatomy in a direct and efficient manner. It acknowledges the underlying forces of the Breath of Life while addressing the structural problems encountered in both acute and chronic conditions. This book is a welcome addition to the osteopathic literature.
Christopher Muller

Thought-provoking observations and pearls of insight appear throughout the text that present a unified approach to managing health and function. Uniquely, clearly and concisely, this manual describes OMT techniques designed to help practitioners leverage longer-lasting resolution of somatic dysfunction and systemic integration of local function. It additionally contributes to the relatively sparse literature on treatment approaches for coccydynia while also providing an application of the LLT in a way that I have not seen before. 
Michael Kuchera, DO, FAAO

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