The Swiss Disarticulated Skull

Model Description: 

The Swiss Disarticulated Skull- The World's Finest
These beautiful disarticulated skulls are handmade exclusively for us by master craftsmen and model makers. After four years of searching for a suitable specimen, we finally found a set of bones that would have the appropriate detail as well as the ability to be re-articulated.
This set of disarticulated bones is rather unusual in that it has an open metopic suture on the frontal bone and beautiful wormian bones on the lamdoidal suture. The specimen was a female, approximately 18 to 22 years of age and the skull is relatively “normal” in that there are no extreme patterns indicated.
Each bone is cast of a special resin that has the weight, feel, texture and coloration of real bone. The set is hand finished to insure that sutures fit together properly and intermesh with one another. Each set is carefully inspected for accuracy and precision. Because this set is made from a resinous material and is individually molded, it has much finer detail than sets made from injection molded plastic.
With this set, all the major bones of the base and vault will re-articulate and stay together on sutural contact without the use of eyelets or snaps. The facial bones will fit with their articulating mate so it is possible, with practice, to reassemble the orbit of the eye and other facial structures. The set contains 22 bones and comes in a locking, foam lined, hard shell carrying case. These bones are the finest set available and are priced at a fraction of the cost of real bones.

Price: $1,550.00
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