Clinical Application of Counterstrain: Compendium edition

Clinical Application of Counterstrain: Compendium edition
Harmon Myers, D.O., Editor
Book Description: 

Building on the educational and clinical impact of Dr. Myers' original work, Clinical Application of Counterstrain [2006 Osteopathic Press], the Compendium Edition includes contributions from scholars and practitioners who work, practice, or teach around the world: William H. Devine, DO, Medical Editor; Christian Fossum, DO (UK), From Theory to Practice; Richard L. Van Buskirk, DO, PhD, FAAO, Physiology of Somatic Dysfunction; Michael L. Kuchera, DO, FAAO, Differential Diagnosis of Myofascial Points; Randall S. Kusunose, PT, OCS, Cranial Counterstrain. Foreword by the author's colleague and friend, Dr. Andrew Weil, MD.

Now in hardcover for durability, Compendium Edition: Clinical Application of Counterstrain is a comprehensive resource for students, teachers, clinicians and practitioners of osteopathic manipulation, physical therapy, and integrated medical disciplines.


This work should find its way into the library of practitioners of multiple professions but particularly those in the osteopathic profession, as a major addition to the application of the osteopathic philosophy and principles in patient care.

The osteopathic profession has a long history of pioneers who have added to the profession, particularly in the area of the art and science of Osteopathic Manipulative Treatment. William F. Sutherland, DO added the dimension of manipulative treatment to the scull as well as the rest of the body. Frank Chapman, DO developed a system of diagnosis by tender points on the front and back of the body that were associated with systemic symptoms and disease. Fred L. Mitchell, Sr., DO brought forth the application of a muscle activating force throughout the body and added a major understanding of the bio-mechanics of the pelvis. Lawrence Jones, DO developed the system of Counterstrain based upon a variety of patient positioning to relieve "tender points" associated with a variety of patient presentations.

This author, Harmon L. Myers, DO, is added to this brief list of osteopathic pioneers by presenting a well written and illustrated compendium edition entitled Clinical Application of Counterstrain. His work combines the classic Counterstrain system with the seminal work of Janet Travell, MD and David Simons, MD Myofascial Trigger Points and Chapman's reflexes in a clinical model that is easy to study and apply to a myriad of clinical presentations. While of particular value in problems primarily in the musculoskeletal system, this work also provides the practitioner a valuable diagnostic and therapeutic tool for the primary care patients as well as those with complex chronic conditions.

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