Communing With the Spirit of Your Unborn Child

Dawson Church
Elite Books
Book Description: 

Communing With the Spirit of Your Unborn Child is a gorgeous gift book for parents-to-be. It puts parents in touch with the soul of their unborn child and outlines a series of exercises that develop their ability to tune in to the developing being and connect on deep and intuitive levels with the child. It presents a comprehensive yet simple series of exercises to put parents solidly in touch with the baby.
With lyrical prose, this book sets forth the mission of the babies that are being born today, the vanguard of a generation of people that will bring great changes to society (currently the subject of a major new motion picture, The Indigo Children). This new gift edition is completely updated and revised to speak to a new generation of parents who are more spiritually aware than ever before.

* Revised edition of an underground classic. Extremely practical and hands-on for expecting parents.

* One of the first books about spiritual pregnancy; includes 40 photos & illustrations.

* Introduction by Neale Donald Walsch

Price: $10.95
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