Flower Essence Repertory

Flower Essence Repertory
Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz
Book Description: 

This book is the definitive book on the use of Flower Essences. If you are interested in the application of flower essences, either as a practitioner or an end user, and you want to learn the many subtle characteristics of the formulas, you will find this book to be invaluable. It has been an essential part of the literature for many years and deservedly so. This spiral-bound reprint includes a listing of essences and their qualities arranged by a wide range of categories; and profiles of the 142 English and North American flower essences. The Repertory has received praise from experienced practitioners as well as beginning students of flower essence therapy, as the clearest, most informative guide to flower essence selection and use. 306 pages, large-format.


The way the Repertory is written has gone right to my heart - because of the spiritual standpoint from which it is written, I have been able to work at a much deeper lever with my clients. It is like a psyschology book, but written with love.
Erika Wiesel, psychotherapist

I have found the straightforward yet comprehensive nature of your repertory to be unique both i its listing of such a wide range of mental and emotional states and its detailing of the subtle differences between each flower essence. It is a book I unreservedly recommend to anyone interested in using flower essences.
Peter Clarke, Flower Energies

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