Bone: The Best- Kept Secret: How A. T. Still’s Vision and Philosophy are Supported by New Scientific Insights

Bone: The Best- Kept Secret:  How A. T. Still’s Vision and Philosophy are Supported by New Scientific Insights
Jo Buekens
School of Bones
Book Description: 

When looking at this book, we have to ask the question, 'Why should there be an entire book dedicated to bone'? Writing this synopsis was one of the most difficult reviews I have ever done. This is due to the fact that there is so much information and depth to the text that it was difficult to even begin to do the book justice. I have been reading and re-reading this book in a attempt to summarize its contents but keep coming back to the quote from Andrew Taylor Still is which he says "To answer all the questions that are suggested by a human thigh bone would open and close an eternity". I cannot say enough about the beauty of this book and so leave it to you to explore it and come to your own conclusions.

In studying anatomy, bone is usually shown as a scaffold for the body's soft tissues; however, rarely is it shown to be the highly interactive living organ that is involved in so many different metabolic mechanisms. In this book, Dr. Buekens focuses on the living bone and how it promotes life through its erythropoietic activity, assures health and immunity, and contains, stores and secretes the molecules and minerals necessary to maintain and restore health in the body. New scientific research defines bone as the most complex fascia which interacts and responds to its environmental surroundings. Moreover, it appears to incorporate an independent body tension regulation mechanism. Supported by these recent findings, bone can be seen as a primary field of focus for those interested in an osteopathic approach. By changing our perception and point of view, we begin to see the complexity of bone and its clinical significance.

This book offers the osteopathic practitioner a completely different perspective on the osteopathic practice. Andrew Taylor Still focused on the bone and fascia in his approach and philosophy. Extensive research on bone's physiology and mechanical properties confirms that Still's ideas are completely in line with the current state of knowledge. Bone evolves from a passive participant in movement to an erythropeietic organ, and endocrinal gland, an interactive mineral deposit, a conspicuous tension regulator and a force transmitter. In a nutshell: bone is the most specialized and powerful fascia of our body.

This book is a labor of love which took nearly 16 years to be completed, and in it Dr. Buekens takes us on a journey which explores the historical viewpoints of A.T. Still as his understanding of bone changed and evolved. There are in-depth looks at applied physiology, embryology, arterial and venous blood flow and supply, lymphatics, nerve connection and an entire section dedicated to all the major bones in the body. The book also addresses both general and specific treatment relationships and ways we might interact with what the bone chooses to show us.

This book is in a hardcover format with acid free glossy paper and contains numerous color photos and illustrations. The book is 304 pages presented in a pleasurable and readable layout, and has Forewords by Anthony Chila, D.O.,Renzo Molinari, D.O., and Romain Poos, President of the "Consell Superieur de Certaines Professions de Sante"

Author Biography: 

Jo Buekens studied osteopathy at the Sutherland College of Osteopathic Medicine in Antwerp, Belgium and received his DO degree from the Societe Belge d'Osteopathie. He has a Master of Science (Osteopathy) degree from the Donau Universitat Krems and keeps a private Osteopathic practice in Garnich, Luxembourg. He is the co-founder of the Luxembourg Osteopathic Association where he served on the board as secretary and president for many years. He has been a regular lecturer at both the German and Belgium "College Sutherland", Weiner Schule fur Osteopathy in Vienna and the Japan Traditional Osteopathic College in Kobe. He is the author of "Osteopathische Diagnose und Behandlung: Ganzheitliche Integrierte Myo-Fasziale Osteopthische Therapie" and numerous papers which have been published in the osteopathic professional journals.

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