About Us

Pacific Distributing was created in 1987 with the publication of my wife's first book. Our students would ask about purchasing it from us and then request other books that were mentioned in our classes. As we made these books available to our students, their friends began to call us requesting the same books. From these simple beginnings, our business has grown organically to include over 800 books, CDs, DVDs and anatomical models related to the fields of cranial osteopathy, embryology, polarity therapy, neuroanatomy, craniosacral therapy, anatomy, physiology, pre- and peri-natal, birthing, somatic trauma healing and energy medicine.

Everything we carry has been part of our own educational process or has come highly recommended from our customers. Because of this, we know our books and can make recommendations based on your needs. We are very selective about what we carry in our catalog and try to help you choose texts and models that are appropriate for your educational process. We carry many difficult to obtain books from small publishers and are constantly adding new materials as the different fields grow.

We co-publish with North Atlantic Books to keep significant pieces of the literature in print and also to bring new publications to light. We are currently working on publishing two more of Eric Blechschmidt's embryology books and have several other manuscripts in the works. We produce some of the finest anatomical models being made today including our Swiss Dis-articulated Skull which is the most realistic, detailed model of its kind in the world. We have helped to create other models including fetal skulls and are working on several projects to help teachers and students more fully understand the anatomy of man.

It gives us great pleasure to make these books and models available and we hope that you enjoy what we offer as much as we do. Please feel free to contact us if you are looking for a particular item. We look forward to hearing from you.

Christopher Muller & Mary Louise Muller
Pacific Distributing
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