Charlotte Weaver: Pioneer in Cranial Osteopathy

Charlotte Weaver: Pioneer in Cranial Osteopathy
Margaret Sorrel
Book Description: 

Charlotte Weaver recognized the bones of the skull as three highly modified vertebrae capable of lesioning and amenable to osteopathic treatment. She Postulated a neuroesodermal integrating center in the posterior third of the posteriaor lobe of the pituitary and explored the role of the pineal as well as the differeing functions of the prosencephalon, mesencephalon and rhombencephalon. This seminal book offers her biography, a readable interpretation of her groundbreaking work, and her proposed research projects concerning connective tissue diseases. Her contributions, added to those of Sutherland, offer us a more complete cranial concept.

Author Biography: 

Margaret Sorrel, D.O. has been a practicing osteopathic physician for thirty years with a special focus on the unique needs of children with developmental disabilities and chronic health problems. She has lectured and published nationally and inernationally and has served as president of the Cranial Academy

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