Earth Medicine: A Field Guide - Healing in Seasons and Cycles

Earth Medicine: A Field Guide - Healing in Seasons and Cycles
Merrill Page
Book Description: 

"Earth Medicine: A Field Guide, Healing in Seasons and Cycles" illustrates how to embrace the feminine, cyclical and therapeutic aspects of medicine to restore health— not just to the individual, but to the planet at large. Merrill’s inspired narrative brings primal, indigenous wisdom into our current realities and offers simple tools for a sumptuous life. It's a narrative/handbook to demystify alternative medicine and illustrate how we apply ancient ways to our modern lives as we move through life/death cycles and restore health.

Author Biography: 

Merrill Page is a contemporary mystic, practitioner of MindBody Medicine, founder of Earth Medicine Institute Taos, as well as the author of a new book titled "EARTH MEDICINE : A FIELD GUIDE, Healing in Seasons and Cycles". Merrill brings an integrated understanding and illumination of diverse alternatives in Medicine and presents them in a readable and digestible way. She has a strong foundation in science and biology, a Stanford degree in Literature and Latin American Studies, with a graduate thesis on Craniosacral therapy for infertility. She has lived a life that spans other cultures, which lends her a unique sensitivity to how we work both physically and energetically. The language she uses to describe this process gives us common ground for exploring deeper levels of the healing arts. She is the co-founder of "The Shared Meal Program" in Boulder CO and the founder of "Nourishing Wisdom" in Oakland, CA. She lives in the Bay Area with her four sons.

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