Love Me In: A Sacred Pregnancy Journal

Love Me In: A Sacred Pregnancy Journal
Donna Seegers Abler
HenschelHAUS Publishing Inc.
Book Description: 

"Love Me In: A sacred Pregnancy Journal" is a beautifully written journal that guides expecting parents inward on a conscious journey through reflection, meditation and heart based practices. It is intended to empower self-connection to grow and nurture a healthy womb environment giving babies their best start.

This book reflects leading edge principles from the field of Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology.

It Guides expecting parents in:

° Nourishing self during pregnancy - mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.
° Building confidence during pregnancy, labor and birth.
° Releasing current societal pregnancy and birthing expectations.
° Embracing a spiritual-based pregnancy to encompass the new baby as an awake, sentient being.
° Nurturing a healthy womb environment.
° Bonding deeply with their baby in utero both energetically and spiritually.
° Consciously imprinting Divine qualities into their growing baby for life long benefits.
° Working together wit baby to experience an optimal birth.
° Creating a thriving new life, giving baby its best start.
° Welcoming your new little one into this world with love, honor and empowerment.

Author Biography: 

Donna Seegers Abler, OTR/L, PPNE, earned a BS in occupational therapy from Mount Mary University in Milwaukee, WI in 1984. She graduated from the APPPAH Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology Certification Program in June 2019. She studies meditation with IamHeart University and is a trained instructor in Calm Birth Childbirth Prenatal Meditation.
She has a background in preterm neonatal intensive care and infant development. Donna combines years of research-based medical practices with infant massage, Healing Touch for Babies, leading edge prenatal and perinatal psychology principles and trauma informed care. Donna has been shaped through own in-utero experience and birth story. She has consciously conceived, carried and grieved a miscarriage. Donna has raised beautiful and thriving young adult daughters. She continues to expand her professional career and lives a rich life as a daughter, sister, aunt, mother, soul sister, guide, teacher and friend to many.
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Simple tools like this pregnancy journal from Donna Seegers Abler are needed for these overwhelming times to support parents to have the best possible start when beginning or expanding a family.

"Love Me In: A Sacred Pregnancy Journal" is inspired! It provides an opportunity for perspective and expecting parent to go deeply within their hearts and minds as they bring new life into the world. From moments prior to conception to those precious first moments of holding their baby in their arms, parents are encouraged to consciously reflect and share their own insights, wisdom and love.
Susan Highsmith, PhD., PPNE, Author of "Renaissance of Love"

Donna taps into the mystery of our body, heart and spirit to connect expecting parents to the depth of what takes place during conception, pregnancy and birth. This wisdom gained will create empowerment and deep bonding with yourself and your baby. Dona helps you create this relationship that will be everlasting.
Dr. Peg Bledsoe, OTD, OTR/L, FOATA, BPC

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