Mind, Matter and Motion: Tradition and innovation in Osteopathy

Mind, Matter and Motion: Tradition and innovation in Osteopathy
Robert Lever
Forward by Hollis King
Handspring Publishing
Book Description: 

This book is an adventurous foray into the subtle aspects of osteopathic diagnosis and treatment, the ‘energetic’ dimension in relation to the Lesion, the patient/practitioner exchange and touch; the clinical ‘art’ and the alchemy of practice. The role of visualization and intention; the mind/matter dichotomy; the evolving view of osteopathy in relation to its proud legacy, and its often troubled place within the medical world. The vital balance between tradition and innovation and the enduring importance of our fundamental principles. Much of this book is relevant to other healthcare practices and might have appeal for other health professionals who also share some interest in osteopathy.

Author Biography: 

Robert Lever BA DO is a highly-skilled and well-respected practicing osteopath with over 40 years’ of experience in providing holistic and compassionate care.

He is also a gifted and empathetic teacher who strives to share with his students the understanding of the background science and philosophy of osteopathy which is essential for the effective delivery of care.

For over 35 years he lectured on the Principles of Osteopathic Practice at European School of Osteopathy, Maidstone, UK which later awarded him its Medal of Honour for services to osteopathic education.

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