Osteopaths: The Philosophy, the Spirit and the Art of Osteopathy - Quantities Limited, Now Out of Print

Osteopaths: The Philosophy, the Spirit and the Art of Osteopathy
Anne Canarelli, Interviewer & Editor
Photography by Laurent Theillet & Lucas Theillet
Editions Anima Mundi
Book Description: 

​This is the most beautiful osteopathic book we have seen in a long time. The interviews are deep, revealing and capture the heart of the osteopathic profession. The black and white photos are exquisite, taken with natural lighting and they show the character of their subjects. This book consists of interviews and photographic portraits with 27 world-renown osteopaths of British, Canadian, American and French origins and is truly a labor of love.

The following are the remarks of the author/interviewer, Anne Canarelli, D.O. in discussing the book.

These interviews are of osteopaths that are all recognized for their personal contribution to the profession : they have imported osteopathy into their respective countries; they have either created or led the schools. They invented techniques or treatment methodologies, and have written major works. And of course, they have taught in a number of countries, also, they have probably taught in your schools or at your osteopathy symposiums. You likely know them, and you have surely appreciated them.

Their common characteristic is that they have been invited to or teach at the Collège d'Études Ostéopathiques de Montréal (CEOM), which is why we have had the opportunity and the good fortune to meet them: as an osteopath and the editor of this book, I attended this very institution. But of course, this is a non-exhaustive list of great osteopaths! And for this, we apologize in advance. But how could we have done otherwise? May those who have not made the list not feel excluded; we completed this work with the limited resources available to us. Perhaps they will show up in a forthcoming volume!

We asked them questions that captivated us and their answers rose to the occasion: surprising, eloquent and sometimes moving. They spoke to us about themselves, their hopes, their approaches – both osteopathic and human – their lives as men and women of this earth and we were more than charmed. We were enlightened by what they had to say.

The osteopaths interviewed include:

​Reuben Bell (USA) Paul Chauffour (Fr) Zachary Comeaux (USA)
Bernard Darraillans (Fr) Philippe Druelle (Fr & Qc) Bruno Ducoux (Fr)
Colin Dove (GB) Denyse Dufresne (Qc) Geneviève Forget (Qc)
Christian Fossum (USA) Jean-Michel Gallat (Fr) Nicholas Handoll (GB)
Hollis King (USA) Denise Laberge (Qc) Gerald Lamb (GB)
R. Paul Lee (USA) Brad McCutcheon (Ont) Fred L. Mitchell, Jr. (USA)
Renzo Molinari (Fr) Serge Paoletti (Fr) Michael Patterson (USA)
Steve Paulus (USA) Caroline Penn (GB) Eric Prat (Fr)
Robert Rousse (Fr & Qc) Jean-Guy Sicotte (Qc) Clive Standen (GB)

Author Biography: 

Anne Canarelli, D.O.
Osteopath (Qc), Design, revision and publication of Osteopaths
Osteopathic diploma from the Collège d'Études Ostéopathiques de Montréal (CEOM) in 2011 in Quebec, Canada.

Recipient of the Andrew Taylor Still, D.O., thesis Prize in recognition of the dissertation the most representative of 2011 for the advancement of osteopathy in the field of philosophic and sociological research for her dissertation: “Vitality, modes of expression and mechanisms of production” which explores the motor origins of the Primary Respiratory Mechanism (PRM).

Laurent Theillet
Photographer for Osteopaths
Professional photographer from 1985-1995 in France. Specialist in portraiture, many in the world of arts and letters have posed for him, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mel Gibson, Roland Petit and Jeanne Moreau. Recipient of the photography prize Anankè in 1993 in France.

Writer since 1995, he published a number of books in Quebec, including young-adult novel, short stories, illustrated books as well as poems. His latest book, published in 2015 with Éditions du Boréal, is a poetic narrative: Les poèmes ne me font pas peur.

Lucas Theillet
Student in Multimedia Integration
Photographer responsible for taking photographs abroad, he took portraits of Jean-Michel Gallat, Fred L. Mitchell Jr., Zachary Comeaux, Serge Paoletti and Colin Dove. He created various multimedia content such as the presentation clip and the posters. He also administrates the website and the social networks.

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