Primal Health

Michel Odent
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Book Description: 

Odent, the leading pioneer for natural childbirth, indicates that the period between conception and a child’s first birthday is critical to lifelong health. In this prophetic book, first published in 1986, Odent argues that different parts of the “primal adaptive system” develop, regulate and adjust themselves during fetal life and the time around birth and infancy. Everything that happens during this period of dependence on the mother has an influence on this primal health.

The author suggests that the later well-being of adults, and their ability to withstand hypertension, cancer, alcoholism and failures of the immune system resulting in AIDS, allergies and viral diseases, can all be traced back to society’s ignorance of the vital importance of the primal period. This book is essential reading for all who care about the health of our children and the ongoing health of society as a whole.

Author Biography: 

Michel Odent is popularly known as the obstetrician who introduced the concepts of birthing pools and homelike birthing rooms at the maternity unit in Pithiviers (France) in the 1960s and 1970s. His ongoing, influential work in childbirth and health research has featured in TV documentaries such as the BBC’s Birth Reborn, and in authoritative medical journals. More recently, he founded the Primal Health Research Centre in London and has developed a preconceptional program to minimize the effects of intrauterine and milk pollution. He is the author of dozens of scientific papers and ten books published in twenty languages.


“Michel Odent asks the fundamental question that is often avoided: What is health? If you don’t find it easy to come up with an answer—and especially if you do—read this book. It is brilliant!” —Sheila Kitzinger, author, Rediscovering Birth and Birth Your Way

“A revolutionary new book ... that challenges all our assumptions about health.”—Vogue

“Fascinating and complex theories for everyone interested in delving deeply into the complex concept of health.”—Here’s Health

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