Spacious Body: Explorations

Spacious Body: Explorations
Jeffrey Maitland
North Atlantic Books
Book Description: 

In Spacious Body, Jeffrey Maitland brings his knowledge and personal experience of Buddhism, phenomenology, alchemy, psychoanalysis, and the bodywork system of Rolfing to bear in forging concepts adequate to an understanding of embodied experience.

Author Biography: 

Certified Advanced Rolfer and Instructor Jeffrey Maitland is one of four Advanced Rolfing Instructors in the world, and is Faculty Chairman and Director of Academic Affairs for the International Rolf Institute. Dr. Maitland was a professor of philosophy at Purdue University for thirteen years and was certified to practice Rolfing 1979. He has published numerous articles on Rolfing, the theory of somatic manual therapy, and philosophy in various professional journals. Dr. Maitland maintains a private practice in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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