The Thorax: An integrated approach

The Thorax:  An integrated approach
Lee, Diane
Book Description: 

This clinical textbook will update the reader on the relevant anatomy, known biomechanics, clinical assessment, musculoskeletal conditions and treatment of the thorax and how these relate to the function of the whole body. An integrated biopsychosocial model (the Integrated Systems Model – ISM) will be highlighted in this text and used as a foundation for clinicians to organize their knowledge from multiple sources. The text emphasizes the current suggestion from the evidence that treatment be individualized and that clinical reasoning form the basis for treatment decisions.

Author Biography: 

Diane Lee is an orthopaedic musculoskeletal physiotherapist (FCAMT) and designated as a Clinical Specialist in Women’s Health by the Canadian Physiotherapy Association. She has long been interested in the biomechanics of the thorax and the impact of sub-optimal thoracic alignment, mobility and control in multiple conditions throughout the whole body. She has written several chapters on both the pelvis and the thorax as well as published two peer-reviewed articles (1993, 2015 JMMT) on her biomechanical model of the thorax. She self-published two books on the thorax (Manual Therapy for the Thorax 1994 and The Thorax – An Integrated Approach 2003), which are both no longer available and is excited to collaborate with Handspring Publishing on this new text. The intent is to describe a biopsychosocial approach that incorporates the novel, updated biomechanical model of the thorax to facilitate wise decisions for clinicians working with musculoskeletal, urogynecological and respiratory conditions. Diane lectures internationally on the thorax and other topics and provides online education through her company: Learn with Diane Lee

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