Two Layers of Support: Creating the Conditions for Healing

Two Layers of Support:  Creating the Conditions for Healing
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In this in-depth interview by Susan Lange OMD, L.Ac, Dr Raymond Castellino describes the origins, nature and method of his remarkable work of repatterning prenatal and birth trauma imprinting with infants and adults. Within the relatively new field of Pre and Perinatal Psychology, Dr Castellino's work is significant for its integrity and depth.

'Two Layers of Support' describes the layering of relationship necessary for healing to take place. Dr Castellino has evolved a model of therapeutic work which has successfully enabled many to consider the sentience of the infant in the womb and at birth in a dynamic, safe and healing way. This insight has far reaching implications for how infants are cared for as well as how adults take care of children and themselves.

This recording offers therapist's and lay people of all kinds the opportunity to learn from the pioneering insight of this leading innovator in Pre and Perinatal Somatic Psychology.

Dr Castellino is co-founder of 'About Connections' with Midwife Mary Jackson. He is also Co - Founder and Clinical Director of BEBA (Building and Enhancing Bonding and Attachment), a research clinic in Santa Barbara, California.

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